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Jeff and Mindy Williamson - Establishing a Legacy Through Olivet's Heritage Society

Jeff and Mindy Williamson - Establishing a Legacy Through Olivet's Heritage Society

"I didn't come from a lot of money, and I wouldn't have had the Olivet experience if generous people weren't giving," reflects Jeff Williamson.

"That had a big impact on me. People that I never met were helping me get an amazing education. Ever since I graduated, I felt that giving back to help other students that are in the same spot I was in should be a big part of my stewardship."

In addition to being longtime supporters, Jeff and Mindy are members of Olivet's Heritage Society. Several years ago they made a choice to get their Wills in order. As they were going through the process, the option of making a charitable Bequest presented itself. "For us there was no question. If there was something we could do for Olivet, we were going to do it. Olivet had a big impact on us and we want to make sure that the Olivet experience is available to our children and grandchildren," explains Jeff.

Jeff and Mindy did not initially realize that their generosity qualified them for Heritage Society membership. "I was on campus and I ran into someone from Olivet's Development staff," reflects Jeff. "We got to talking about planned giving and I mentioned that Mindy and I had made a provision for Olivet in our Will. He told us about the Heritage Society and we joined right away!"

"We're very happy," explains Jeff. "For us, being a part of the Heritage Society is a tangible expression of our gratitude. The Olivet experience transformed our life and we want to make sure it's available to others now and in the future. It's a great feeling to know that students are able to stay here and get a world class education and grow in their faith because we're chipping in. We want that legacy to live beyond our years."

Perhaps you, like Jeff and Mindy, are eligible for Heritage Society membership without realizing it. Have you

  • made a gift to Olivet through a Bequest in your Will?
  • established a Living Trust with Olivet?
  • created a deferred gift that would provide life income for you: Charitable Gift Annuity, Trust, etc.?
  • named Olivet as a beneficiary for a life insurance policy or qualified retirement plan?
  • generated a life tenancy agreement for a residence with Olivet?