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Terry and Marlene Kochersperger - Making a Worthy Investment

Terry and Marlene Kochersperger - Making a Worthy Investment

Terry and Marlene Kochersperger chose to establish and endowed scholarship when their son began attending Olivet in 1995. "We wanted to do something to support the University right from the start," Terry reflects. "Olivet had a good academic standing and we believe in what it stands for."

Terry and Marlene were pleased to learn that they could establish an endowed scholarship for engineering majors by making annual contributions that were matched by Terry's employer. This would cut in half the amount of time it would take to establish an endowed scholarship. "We wanted to start this scholarship because we need more Christian engineers in the field," explains Terry.

Terry and Marlene see the fruits of their giving through contact with scholarship recipients. "We get letters every year from engineering students and it really brings everything closer to home," says Terry. "A lot of students out there need financial assistance, and being able help them is a great feeling."

Terry encourages others to prayerfully support Olivet's mission. "I know your money would be put to good use if you invested in an endowed scholarship. You will do a lot of good now and years down the road because of the way the Foundation is managed. Your support goes to worthy students. I have no hesitation recommending Olivet to anyone interested in investing their money in the lives and futures of young Christian men and women."