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Chuck and Bernie Leppert – Sharing the Joy Both Ways

Chuck and Bernie Leppert – Sharing the Joy Both Ways

More than 65 years ago, Chuck and Bernie Leppert fell in love – with each other and with Olivet. And because Olivet loved them back, the relationship has remained strong over these many decades. Chuck and Bernie met on Olivet’s campus in 1945. Chuck had returned to finish his studies after serving in World War II. They received their degrees in 1947; both pursued careers in public education.

“Olivet has been so good to us throughout the years,” reflects Chuck. “I often get literature from Olivet and I try to support it when I can. We’re thankful for what Olivet has meant to us.”

Chuck and Bernie have also designated a significant Bequest for Olivet – a tremendous affirmation of their commitment to the University. They desire to support the mission now, plus leave an enduring legacy. You, too, could consider including a gift to Olivet in your Will or Living Trust. A Charitable Bequest works well for people who believe in Olivet’s mission and wish to make an impact for years to come.

“We remember the good ole’ days and we want other kids to be able to experience ONU,” says Chuck Leppert about their reasoning making a Bequest to Olivet. “Olivet has held to its values. Some schools haven’t done that. Olivet is still a place where kids get a good education and are challenged to follow Christ. ONU was good to us while we were there and it has been good to us since.”

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