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Through your legacy and estate gifts, you assist students and support Olivet's mission.
Plus, you receive personal financial benefits!

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Heritage Society Members

Olivet honors its Heritage Society members who desire to leave an enduring legacy. These individuals are committed to preserving and advancing the Olivet experience for future generations through their advocacy, prayer, and the promise of an end-of-life gift via a Bequest or other planned gift.

Jean W. and Nina Addington
Linda (Ellis) Aguilar
John C. Alexander
Brian D. and Lynda I. Allen 
Dr. and Mrs. E. Drell Allen 
W. Eugene and Donna Anderson
Kenneth Bade
Nancy Bauerle
Ivan A. and Evelyn Lindberg Beals
Dr. Jeriel A. and Carol Jean Beard 
Arthur G. and Judith A. Beecher
Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Bell 
Gary and Susan Berry 
Ron and Susanne Blake
John C. and Jill L. Bowling
Grady and Judie Box
Jeanette Braisted 
Charles and Ruth Brouhard
Curt and Shauni Brown
James and Deborah Bruley
Eugene and Edith Bushey 
Terry L. Bush and Lin Baker Scott Bush 
George L. and Linda N. Chadderdon
John and Doris Cheeseman
Shirley Close
Rev. William T. and Paula I.
     (Haney) Coldiron
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Collier
Aubrey E. Cooper 
William A. and Ruth L.
Robert E. and Shirley A.
    (Strickler) Crabtree
Allen and Virginia Dace
Earl E. Davis 
Wayne and Pamela DeBoer
Malcolm R. and Mary A. Delbridge
Scott and Anita Devers
Dr. and Mrs. John Q. Dickey, Sr.
W. Warner Diefenbach
James and Dorothy Diehl
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Dillinger
Efton and Betty Elliott
Donald M. Ely
Mark and Svea Emerson  
Art Evans and Dorothy Evans
James R. and Mary L. Faist
Dr. Linda E. Farley
Dan and Dianne Ferris
Derek and Patricia Ferris
Jordan Fish
George F. and Dorothy M. Fowler 
Wayne and Nancy Frankhauser 
Verne W. and Anita R. (Tolbert)
Rev. Randy and Linda Gant
Larry and Paula Garland
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Grill 
Michael and Becky Hancock
Nancy J. Handy 
Fred and Sandy Hardy
Phyllis Harp
Gordon and Leila Harrier
Sylvia Harrold
Elizabeth A. Hatcher
Louise F. Hauth
Harlow E. and Harriet J. Hopkins
Patricia Hutchens
Bill and Ruth Isaacs
Julian and Arlene Jarvis
James L. and Mary E. Johnson
Myra G. Johnson 
Paula Vogel Jones
Walter Jones III
Hugh G. and Gladys E. Kelly 
Paul J. and Betty D. Kendall 
Leah Ruth Kensey 
Elfrieda Kissee
Phil and Brenda Kizzee
Carl and Frances Koerner
Loren and Harriett Kranich
Shannon LaFrance-Corum
David and Cheryl Lampton, Sr.
James and Leora Legacy
C. William Leggee
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leppert
Lowell and Barbara Malliett 
Rev. David McCool and Dr. Marilyn McCool
Richard and Aline McHie
Larry and Denise McKain
Phil and Pat Meredith
Robert F. and Barbara G. Meyer
Judy Mikesell 
Dr. Sharell Mikesell 
Harry and Barbara Miles
David L. Miller
John and Jana Mongerson 
Franklin and Susan Moore 
Dr. Norman and Vickie Moore Elsie Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Russell T. Mumma 
Patrick and Ann Nagi
Dr. and Mrs. Kent Olney
Charles and Rosellen Oswalt
Kathy Paul
Douglas and Sheila Perry
Lyle and Jeannette Pettit
Charles M. and Gladys L. Prescott
W.S. Purinton Family and Friends
Mike and Nancy Pyle
Walter and Faye Quanstrom
John and Nina Rattle 
Mary Margaret Reed
Richard and Debby Reedy
Dan and JoAnne Rexroth
Edna A. Roach
Ed and Judi Roarick
Marvelle Robinson 
Mr. and Mrs. Myles Rosenthal
Mrs. Connie Remole Rutledge
Davida M. Sabine 
Virgil and Irma Jean Sancken
Dianne Schaafsma
Harlyn Schmidt
David and Reva Schoenwetter
Jenny Schoenwetter
Ron and Lynda Schwada
Steve and Sue Ann Sears
Revs. Roy and Denise Shaffer 
Jean M. (Ross) Shelton
W. Lorraine Shelton
John P. and Bonnie J. Sherwood
Benny and Charlene Skeldon
Nancy Jean Smith
Rev. and Mrs. C. Kenneth Sparks
Lester C. Sprang
Dave and Sandy Stone
David and Sharon Strawn
Donald M. and Carol R. Street 
Ken and Sarah Swan
Ross D. Swinehart
Houston and Martha Thompson
Jim and Joan Tripp
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Unger
Brian and Lynne Utter
Dr. Bruce and Beverly Vogel 
A. Edward and Linda R. Wade
Terry and Gwen Wagoner
Wes and Connie Walker
Larry and Linda Watson
James B. Weakly
Woody and Julie Webb
Patrick and Joyce (Glaze) Webster
Robert A. and Dr. Ruth (Peters)
Dave and Ellen White
Charles E. and Jeraldine M. Whitman
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Wiens 
Charles and Shirley Wilham 
Bruce and Berdella Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Williams
Kay Oda Williams
Denny and Elaine Williamson
Jeff and Melinda Williamson
Wanda Milner Winburn
Darrell D. and Barbara
Robert and Marylon Wright
Kathleen Yanchick
Jim and Ruth Yates
Sharon Young

If you have made a provision for Olivet through a Bequest in your Will, or if you have blessed the University with a planned gift, please notify the Office of Development so we can honor you through Heritage Society membership.


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